Here is what, in my eyes, illustrates the personality of this Festival. Of course, none of these traits taken individually is specific to Tangopostale but their combination makes it a unique event I do not know of an equivalent

Tangopostale is one of the few Argentine tango festivals held in summer in a metropolis and it benefits from it: 13 open-air balls (including 7 nocturnal) on the edge of the Garonne under the trees (340 m² floor) or the canal du midi under marquee (floor 215m²), including a 10h ball (despedida) or on the beautiful place Saint Georges. In total a hundred hours of ball

Tangopostale makes you discover monuments, mansions, parks and banks of Toulouse by Tango and Heritage Walks, musicalized and danced, commented, sometimes accompanied by musicians or singers

If for you the tango is not limited to the pleasure of the dance you will enjoy Café Tango of the bookstore Ombres Blanches to exchange with the invited artists, follow the conferences, listen to the singers and readers, watch unknown films, discover exhibitions

Tangopostale is also very attached to live music that is dancing but also listening in a variety of contexts (auditorium, aperitifs or brunches in bars, on the grass sheltered by a weeping willow, … )

If Tangopostale is above all a “traditional” tango festival, it makes a lot of tango “nuevo”, especially the first weekend by duplicating evenings or by proposing places with 3 tracks running at the same time so that everyone finds his happiness

Tangopostale is also the fierce desire to ensure a friendly atmosphere, without show, in which each one must be respected and apply to contribute to the quality of the balls respecting their buena onda

The Tangopostale website

The website of Jean Pierre Van Loocke (Bruges, Belgium) to which we owe almost all the photos of the slideshow below

I thank all the amateur and professional photographers who allowed us to use their photos for the promotion of the Festival