The advantages of this event drawing inspiration from “encuentros” while correcting some of their characteristics?

Above all, it allows a real meeting between passionate tangueros coming from many countries and knowing, for many, the tango of Buenos Aires where the project was built over the course of the tango nights.

A “turnkey” weekend including, in a single registration: 5 (or even 7) milongas, on-site accommodation, buffet meals, soft drinks and snacks during the balls, travel assistance for participants arriving by plane and train.

A weekend truly among tangueros because the 98 accommodations in the holiday village and all the associated facilities are reserved for us (swimming pool, gym, bar, park) in a magnificent region (Saint Raphaël and Sainte Maxime nearby), Saint Tropez in 20 minutes by shuttle boat… See the map: HERE

150 participants maximum for great conviviality with leaders/followers parity respected 100% while accepting individual registrations. Gentlemen dancers coming solo, you are more than welcome!

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The overall satisfaction rate of 2022 participants being 9.5 out of 10, we are renewing the formula
with some slight adjustments to take into account the suggestions that have been made.



More info about DJs?

El Señor Torres (France) will perform on Friday evening

Passionate about music forever, and tango for over 10 years, Denis Torres regularly participates in events and encuentros in the south of France, Spain, Germany and Italy. He transmits his energy to the track through his varied choices, favoring harmony and quality of the music. Guided by his sensitivity, he does everything possible to create a festive atmosphere by taking you on a journey through the different orchestras of the golden age of tango



Paola Pia (Italy) will be our DJ on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday evening’s despedida

Paola has been dancing tango for 20 years. She has been a DJ since 2001 and DJs in the best milongas in Turin and other Italian cities. She is often invited to events, festivals, encuentros and marathons in Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Belgium and Greece. She likes to offer a very varied musical selection, ranging from the 1930s to the 1960s with the addition of contemporary orchestras. Much appreciated in 2022 for her music and listening, we have chosen to invite her back in 2023!

Osvaldo (Argentina/Spain) will perform on Saturday night and then on Sunday afternoon
Osvaldo Dj transmits energy and tradition in each batch. He selects each tango, milonga or vals with the passion and desire to dance.
In this way, the Milongas in which Osvaldo plays music are lived with magic, tradition and charm… to which is added, “La Tandita Sorpresa”, in which Osvaldo performs traditional tangos with his voice live.
For almost 20 years he has been the resident DJ of La Yumba milonga and has been invited as a DJ to important festivals and milonguero gatherings.
His vast experience and his love for Tango lead him to make a very delicate selection that goes through the most traditional and new orchestras, always taking care that they are absolutely danceable. All these careful details make the Milongas musicalized by Osvaldo Dj Unforgettable!!

The quartet Entre Mundos was formed with the intention of recreating the styles most danced in milongas around the world such as Di Sarli, Lomuto, Malerba, Caló, Biagi, D’Arienzo, Tanturi, Fresedo, etc. as well as Argentine folklore.

Since its creation Entre Mundos has performed in the main milongas and dance halls in Buenos Aires such as Parakultural, La Viruta, Salon Marabú, la Nacional, Pipicucú, etc. as well as in festivals in the interior of the country in La Rioja, Tandil, Carlos Casares, Tierra del Fuego. The members of the group have a long history of years in various tango groups with which they have brought their music to all the continents of the world. Alejandro Abbonizio on double bass, Joaquin Benitez Kitegroski on bandoneon, Marisol Canessa on violin, Francisco Ferrero on piano, together they have academic, folk, jazzist, popular training, which gives the group a unique imprint on this style of tango so loved by dancers and lovers of our beloved music.

As a child, in the south of “Gran Buenos Aires”, Alejandro joined to music bands with the bass, playing various musical styles as soul, electronic, R&B NGroovE. After his popular and academic training, with the double bass, he would join the stands of the Colón theater and play in various tango groups. He brings all the swing, tempo and the dancers’ preferred walking to the group.

Originally from Oberá, Misiones, Joaquin has a very personal style and a striking flexibility to play various instruments. He came to the bandoneon at 9 years old. Years later he won the instrumental soloist category in the “Precosquin National Festival” and then established himself as a revelation at the National Folklore Festival. He is acclaimed and loved by various renowned figures with whom he has collaborated such as Ramón Ayala, Pedro Aznar, Amelita Baltar, Lito Vitale and María José Mentana. He adds all of his musical experience into a style as particular as danceable tango, enriching it with his unique touch.

Patagonian, and with porteña soul, Marisol is a violinist who has traveled the entire world for many years, carrying this style loved by amateur and professional tango dancers of this planet. She was member of dozens of tango groups ad Orquesta tipica Imperial, Orquesta Escuela de Tango, Sexteto Milonguero, along with great musicians, accompanying the most renowned dancers of this very Milonguero style, she joins this project with all that experience that is captured in the very particular style of Entre Mundos.

Pianist trained in Córdoba, receiving the University Award for academic merit from the National University of Córdoba there, Francisco settled in Buenos Aires, beginning an unstoppable career in tango alongside great masters such as Julián Peralta, Adriana Leguizamón, Juancho Farías Gómez, Nicolás Ledesma, Lilián Saba, Victor Lavallén, etc. At the same time, he participates in various tango groups and in some cases fulfills the roles of pianist, arranger, musical director and producer. Today he contributes and joins with all these roles to this new tango group. Between world’s.

Pour en savoir plus :



For the first time, the Encuentrito will offer tango and milonga classes, optional of course
(upon registration, €15 for an individual class, €25 for a couple), by two renowned teachers: GRACIELA and OSVALDO.

With an intense National career, performing in the most important and famous Argentine Cultural and Traditional Festivals, they were awarded Scholarships by the Argentine Ministry of Culture to teach classes and put on Tango Dance shows, (selected by juries of the stature of Maximiliano Guerra, Graciela Ríos Saiz and Nancy Bocca) and are called as “Judges of the World Tango Dance Championship” on multiple occasions.

A serious and deep academic training with Masters Carlos Rivarola; Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau; Roberto Herrera Ana Maria Stekelman; Gloria Dinzel; Rodolfo Dinzel; Gisell Ane; Gustavo Naveira; Maria Nieves; Milena Plebs; Ezequiel Farfaro; Claudia Bozzo; Melina Brufman; Claudio Gonzales Eduardo Capuzzi; Osvaldo Zoto Paul saw; Alejandra Mantiñan; Juan Pablo Bulich and Rocio Lequo; Ezequiel Lopez and Camila Alegre;Fernando Rodrigez and Estefania Gomez.

Their training in Dance Pedagogy, Tango-Dance and Body Techniques, added to an intense performing and teaching career, allows them to offer Quality, Warmth and Excellence in all their Presentations and Courses. Workshops and exhibitions in important festivals in Spain and Europe: “ London, Totnes, Cambridge, Devon; England” – “L’Aquila; Italy” – “Valencia, San Sebastián, Burgos, Oviedo, Murcia, Pamplona, Alicante; Spain” – “Holland” – “Pau, Ibos, Perpignan, Nice, Tarbes; France” – “Moscow, Russia” – “Munich, Freigburgh; Germany”

Graciela and Osvaldo currently direct the Barcelona Tango Cultural Center, “La Yumba” considered the most traditional and authentic institution of Argentine Tango in the city of Barcelona. There they teach regular courses, workshops / weekends, and every Friday they perform their Milonga.


Our team eager to take care of you:

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