Questions answers
(updated version July 2019)

Who is this stay for? Can we register individually?
Our event is open to all tangueros and tangueras with a minimum of 4 or more years of extensive dance experience including festivals, lessons, encuentros etc .with the preference of leaders having six or more years of experience.

During this weekend, there will be no lessons, we come here to dance with as many partners as possible

In order to facilitate parity, it is recommended that leaders do not hesitate to register individually. Not surprisingly, we always have more requests from followers from all over Europe.

Each leader who registers individually allows us to confirm the registration of an experienced single follower who otherwise would not be able to register.

You may also register as a couple with the idea being to dance with other  partners during the milongas.

What did we choose the term “encuentrito” ? What can I expect at the milonga?
The term was chosen by the organizers to indicate that, as in traditional “encuentros”, there are many hours of dance in the milonguero style which is only close embrace. In terms of registration, we allow dancers to register individually with the expectation they have adequate dance experience to facilitate a high level of enjoyment for all participants.

It is a traditional milonga in the sense that each tanda will consist of 3 musical selections (tangos, vals and classic milonga music will be played.) The choice of the music will include a broad selection of traditional and contemporary orchestras for everyone’s enjoyment.

Close embrace and following the lines of dance will be the rule, as well as the courteous invitation to dance by exchange of glances ( the mirada and cabeceo).

The arrangement of the room will facilitate the mirada and the cabeceo, however the traditional division of men on one side and women on the other has evolved quite a bit in the past couple of years, (including in Buenos Aires) and we will be a bit more creative with the arrangement of the room.

Here, the spirit of openness and courtesy prevails, while seeking the best possible balance between leaders and followers and a wide variety of regions of origin of the dancers being represented.

Who are the organizers?
Vacanciel’s professional staff will be in charge of accommodations, meals and all amenities at the facility.

For the tango part, 3 people and a Dj-sound engineer have joined forces to offer you an enhanced dance experience.

The four of us bring together vast experience in creating and managing festivals, milongas and encuentros in many countries in Europe, Argentina, Uruguay and in the US.

Our goal is to offer you a weekend of delightful milongas with the assurance of respect, comfort, conviviality and a good quality of dance.

Will there be sharing moments offered outside the milongas?
Yes! In addition to the milongas, based on participants’ wishes, organizers will include other fun activities such as cocktail hour with musical quizzes, introduction to the choreography of the chacarera (and / or zamba), exchange of experiences on festivals or Buenos Aires milongas, etc …
Having the whole holiday village reserved for us allows  maximum flexibility in planning fun events.
Assistance will be offered to carpool to visit the surrounding area with the possibility of requesting a packed lunch the day prior.

Is the ballroom air-conditioned?
Yes !  In the case of need, it is available, however the ballroom is well ventilated and we will use fans as a first resort.

How to reach the holiday village ?
We are available to help you with transportation needs whether arriving by train or plane.

We will organize car-sharing and cost-shared shuttles from Les Arcs-Draguignan train station (people arriving by train or plane + train) and from the carpool car park at exit 36 Le Muy of the A8 motorway, these two meeting points being close to each other and located about twenty kilometers from Vacanciel.

If you want to carpool , we can connect you with other registrants whose journey is compatible with yours.

(special thanks to Laura Crown)