Questions answers
(updated version July 2019)

Who is this stay for? Can we register individually?
This trip is for all those with a regular experience of at least 3-4 years of tango balls (6 years and over is better for leaders) in various contexts (associative evenings, weekends combining courses and balls , tango festivals, encuentros, etc.) with various partners

During this weekend, there will be no lessons, we come here to dance with as many partners as possible

In order to facilitate parity, it is recommended that the leaders do not hesitate to register individually, without first seeking a folower because, it will not surprise you, we always have more requests for folowers than leaders, including women met in Buenos Aires and from all over Europe

Each leader who registers alone allows us to confirm the registration of a woman waiting because, having found that it is always the same people who can not register while their level of dance would allow them, we did not want to force everyone to find a partner before registration

Of course, you can also register as a couple, the idea being however to change partners during the evenings as is customary in milongas

What does “encuentrito” mean? What will be the type of milonga?
The term was chosen by the organizers to indicate that, as in the “encuentros”, there are many hours of dance and only dance and this in abrazo closed. However, it differs from encuentros, which usually require pair recording and selects dancers according to several criteria, not always explicit.

It’s a traditional ball: tangos, vals and classic milongas will be linked by tandas of 3 themes to ensure a good dynamic (this point can be discussed again with 2020 registrants). The choice of the music will respect the standards of encuentros and will authorized, in particular at the end of the ball, some tandas of newer orchestras, always chosen for their musical quality and their compatibility with dance

The abrazo closed and the respect of the lines of dance will be the rule, as well as the courteous invitation by exchange of glances (mirada then cabeceo), which the arrangement of the room will facilitate without dividing strictly men and women (the things have changed a lot on this point, including in Buenos Aires)

Here, the spirit of openness prevails, while seeking the best possible balance between leaders and followers and a wide variety of regions of origin of dancers

Who are the organizers?
For the accommodation part (58 rooms, 40 villas) and catering (buffet meals), They are the professionals of Vacanciel

For the tango part, 3 people and a Dj-sound engineer have joined forces to offer this new type of stay Vacanciel and complete the combined offers courses + balls already existing

The four of us bring together the experience of creating and managing festivals and milongas and have practiced the European encuentros and milongas of many countries, especially in Argentina, Uruguay and the USA

Our desire is to propose a weekend devoted to tango balls in conditions of comfort, relaxation and conviviality in accordance with our own requirements of dancers

Will there be sharing moments offered outside the ball times?
The principle is to leave the greatest freedom to everyone for the management of their stay
Proposals will be made by the organizers: aperitifs with musical quiz, introduction to the choreography of the chacarera (and / or zamba), exchange of experiences on festivals or Buenos Aires milongas, etc … according to the wishes of the participants.
The fact of having reserved the whole holiday village allows to have a big pallet of places of life adapted to what we will wish to do
Assistance will be offered to carpool during excursions (possibility to request a packed lunch the day before) or for home return

Is the ballroom air-conditioned?
Yes ! but the experience of Carqueiranne in 2019 showed how difficult it is to manage this type of equipment with a large number of couples practicing the abrazo cerrado
Therefore, before resorting to air conditioning, according to the suggestions of several 2019 participants, we will initially favor the natural air circulation leaving several open openings and installing fans, which the exclusivity of the village will allow us, unlike Carqueiranne

How to reach the holiday village in case of arrival by train, plane or carpooling?
As of December 2019, we will ask the registrants about their transport intentions and expectations.

A priori, the most relevant airports, according to your place of departure, are Marseille Provence (in Marignane), Nice Côte d’Azur, Hyères / Toulon. See what is better for you. From each of these airports it is quite easy to reach by train the train station Les Arcs -Draguignan.

For your end of the journey, we will organize car-sharing and cost-shared shuttles from Les Arcs-Draguignan train station (people arriving by train or plane + train) and from the carpool car park at exit 36 Le Muy of the A8 motorway, these two meeting points being close to each other and located about twenty kilometers from the Vacanciel.

If you want to make the trip by carpool from your home, as far as possible you will be connected with registrants whose journey is compatible with yours.